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A Community-Supported Enterprise in Peacham, Vermont


Since the closing of the Bayley Hazen Store in 2002, Peacham residents had been without a
local gathering place for coffee, food and conversation. Several community members took 
the renovation of the old Union Store, and in August 2014 the Peacham Café opened!

     It is now a community hub, a market for locally-produced food and a destination eatery for people from far and wide. 

We're open!


Good coffee. Good food. Good company.

In Peacham.

We offer a simple menu, with high quality breakfasts; lunches; order-ahead dinners; brunch on the weekends; and (soon!) Sunday community dinners.  And of course, good coffee! 

PS: Everything can be made to go. 


Re-opening May 27th!

The Café will reopen Saturday, May 27th at 7:30 am. 

The summer hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 7:30 to 2.

The electrical upgrade has been completed and Mercy’s new love, the compact dishwasher has been installed. The kitchen has been slightly rearranged to make it more efficient. We are happy to have the improvements done, but even happier that Chuck and Mercy are ready to be back.

To celebrate the reopening we are planning a party.  More details to come when everything is figured out.


As always thank you for your support of your Café.

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