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About the Peacham Café

The Peacham Café is a community-supported enterprise. It is operated by a Manager who rents the space, and is owned and maintained for the benefit of the community by the Peacham Café LLC. The LLC in turn is a subsidiary of Peacham Community Housing, a local non-profit provider of elderly housing. The LLC is run by a group of 7 community volunteers.


The Manager rents the café from the LLC. The LLC keeps the rent as low as possible to enable its success and viability. Any profits the LLC makes go to benefit the work of Peacham Community Housing. In addition the LLC coordinates volunteer activities such as gallery displays, celebrations, and fund-raising for improvements to the facility. 


The Peacham Café LLC was founded by a group of community members who felt that Peacham needed a place to gather, share a meal, and buy staples and local vegetables. Peacham Community Housing owned a suitable building, so the group incorporated as a for-profit subsidiary of PCH, to enable it to manage a cafe facility. The LLC worked for 2 years to complete a workable plan, overcoming obstacles such as wastewater disposal, historic preservation of the building, permitting, and many others.  Once a workable plan was in place, the group raised about $165,000 to renovate and fit out the space.  


Our mission is two-fold:

To offer a financially sustainable, community-supported café and store in Peacham that meets the community’s needs for a local eatery, gathering place, and staple grocery.


To provide a market for local food producers in Peacham and surrounding communities by selling their produce and incorporating them as much as possible in the café menu.


For more information about us, point to the 'About the Café' menu item above, and click on one of the choices. 

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